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So today during lunch someone had spilled their milk, and instead of cleaning it up, they turned it into a chicken.

All hail the chocolate milk chicken.


Calm yo tits

He has the embarrassed air of a man who feels he should always speak more brilliantly than others and fears he may not succeed; he had an anxious look, haggard eyes, a nervous countenance, dirty clothes – in all not a very noble figure.
Stanisław August Poniatowski on Friedrich II (via poniatowskaja) ←


Lobby card for The Lane That Had No Turning (1922). Sold here.


grantaire videoing all his friends like a documentary and he narrates it in a very bad david attenborough impression and its just the morning routines of the amis or their eating habits or marius’ quest to find cosette

"and here, we see the courfeyrac grooming himself for…


Otto von Bismarck with his dogs, Tyras II and Rebecca, July 1891.



Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 

100% correct medical information on tumblr for once; also consider calling 911 if you don’t know how often the person has seizures and ESPECIALLY if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more (which is why the watch is critical)


Perhaps whatever final shadow that 
the shining day may bring could close my eyes,
and this my soul may well be set aflight
by time responding to its longing sighs; 

but it will not, there on the farther shore
its memory leave behind, where once it burned:
my flame the icy current yet can swim,
and so severe a law can surely spurn.

Soul by no less than a god confined,
veins that such a blazing fire have fueled,
marrow to its glorious flames consigned:

the body will abandon, not its woes;
will soon be ash, but ash that is aware;
dust will be, but dust whose love still grows. 

Happy birthday today to Francisco de Quevedo, born on September 14, 1580. Since is his birthday, I decided to celebrate with one of his most beautiful poems and not with his nasty ones! Translation is from here, where you can read also the Spanish original.


Royale with cheese??

Image of “Haematornis holospilus” (possibly Spilornis holospilus the Philippine serpent eagle) from “Zoologia typica" (1849)


An equestrian print of the Marquis de Lafayette


Sirin and Alkonost. Birds of joy and sorrow by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1896

Alkonost and Sirin are creatures from Slavic folklore. Alongside with Gamayun, another bird-maiden, they play a significant role in Russian mythos. Their main duty is to ward the Tree of Life. They’re commonly believed to be a fusion of Greek legends, Pagan Slavic folk tales and Christian lore.

Sirin was initially based on Greek sirens, with possible addition of traits characteristic of Slavic water spirits, in particular that of wila. However, she later assumed more positive features, becoming a symbol of harmony, joy and beauty. Sirin descends into world of mortals, singing of incoming happiness. Even in later legends her voice is enticing to the point of being dangerous to humans and Siren can be associated with treachery, insanity and temptation. As bird-maiden is sensitive to loud noises, people would save themselves from her hypnotic song by ringing bells and shooting cannons.

Alkonost is possibly named after Alcyone, a Greek demigoddess transformed into a kingfisher. Her voice possess the same bewitching capacity as that of her sister. Alkonost is typically associated with Hors, the god of sun. Sometimes called the bird of dawn, she brings winds and lightnings on her wings. It is believed that on Koliada (a holiday in the middle of winter) Alkonost lays eggs on the seashore. For seven days after that sets good weather.



Done by Julie Sarda. I love these all so much. They’re dark, but happy.

These are gorgeous!



50 photos of… Anton Zetterholm (9/50)

Cannot stop thinking about Robespierre in his teens.